HI, WE'RE ITALIANVOICES. Italian Voice Over and Dubbing Studio.

Are you looking for a partner that you can trust, and rely on to provide a top-quality service at every stage of every project? Then you’ve come to the right place!
We can guarantee that our determination to ensure we deliver the best product possible, using the best voices known to Italian cinema and TV audiences, means the end result will almost certainly exceed your expectations.
Quality, Service, Price.


ItalianVoices is above all, a production and post-production studio based in Rome, Italy and part of the VOXFARM srl group.
We have adopted a new workflow concept, quite different to that of a traditional dubbing studio, guaranteeing a service that is now also dynamic and streamlined but the same high quality as always.


When it’s the voice that makes the difference
Choosing the right voice is essential as it’s what conveys the message, and the emotions that enable you to touch the hearts of your audience. Amongst the many voice over talents we can call on are some of Italy’s most famous and best-loved radio, stage and screen actors, all immediately recognisable to Italian audiences.
Choose ItalianVoices. Choose a “made in Italy” brand.


…is instantly appreciable at ItalianVoices
Forget about the home-studio recordings offered by so many online services. Quality is not something we are prepared to compromise and we like it to be instantly appreciable in all that we produce. Every stage of the recording process takes place in our studio here in Italy and every file is checked by our own technicians to ensure that any flaws are eliminated, which means we deliver a finished product that is pretty near perfect.
Because for us, top-quality is standard.


We’ve heard it all – except complaints
Punctuality. Attentiveness. Confidentiality. They are often taken for granted, but we guarantee these qualities at every stage of a project: from the time we start, right through to delivery, which happens by means of a secure system that allows you to download files by simply clicking on a link in an email. We have never given up on or abandoned our clients and we are not about to do so now. Which explains why 99% of our clients have come back to us time and time again.


Sound and your dream team
The best voice-over sound technicians, designers, directors and of course actors, and studio assistants too. The ItalianVoices team is ready and able to ensure the best results possible.


Quality, Service, Price. Choose ItalianVoices.