Italianize your videos

Italians dub it better
Italianization is our new 360° service that will enable you to present your videos in Italian. Send us whatever you already have and we will analyse it in every single detail, send you our best quotation and only then do you have to decide whether or not you want to take up our services. The four stages to our Italianization service are:

Examination, translation and adaptation of texts

Guaranteed from all languages

Files, graphics and subtitles

We take care of the translation and / or replacement of graphics and subtitles in Italian.

Voice Overs

To ensure that our final video is as coherent and close as possible to the one you provided, we will pick out a selection of voices as similar to the ones you originally used as possible, and then help you choose those best suited to your video.

Matching audio and video

The last stage involves mixing and matching the voice to the video, fully respecting the original sync. It is in this stage that – if present – sound effects or background music need to be provided separately. If unavailable, library tracks will be used instead.

Sample before Italianization

Sample after Italianization

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