Italian VoiceOvers for Apps & Multimedia

Do you remember those old sci-fi films when computers spoke and interacted with humans using weird robotic voices?

Ponder that for a moment and you’ll realize that technology has actually made that a reality and perhaps even gone a stage further. It’s happening today. Apps, software and various devices are part of our everyday lives, making them easier and more functional. There’s one difference however. Unless you deliberately want to seem ironic, or for your products to be seen as being a bit ingenuous, you would certainly not opt to use a “computerized” voice.

No, you are going to want only the best speakers on the market. Like the ones you’ll find at ItalianVoices.
That way you can be sure of forging a good relationship with your users and that your app is both simple and a pleasure to use. There are, after all, those who have fallen in love with the operating system they are using thanks to the sound of its voice. But that’s a story best left for another venue.

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